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    Your first instinct when feeling "bad" is to get away from the painful feelings. Different people have different strategies for this… some throw themselves into their work, some turn to alcohol or drugs to numb their feelings, etc. While these methods might provide a temporary fix, at the end of the day your painful feelings are still there… and often stronger than before.’

    "What you resist persists". This saying is very true. The more you resist your painful/negative emotions the more intense they will become. In order to get relief you need to do the opposite: Accept these painful feelings. Feel them fully without any resistance. When you do this an interesting thing starts to happen… you begin to feel better. By accepting your feelings you allow yourself to observe and release them. They lose their power over you. Struggling against your emotions is a battle you can’t win. But when you accept them it will feel like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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