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Epic6 is a group of passionate people of all ages and interests who enjoy getting together to socialise. Activities include potluck dinners, quiz nights, social mingles, 10-pin bowling, mountain biking, dog walking and regular hikes throughout Canterbury.

What is Social Networking?

A phenomenon that enables people with a variety of interests to get together with others in a social setting, with the safety of numbers, and regardless of age, marital status, gender, background or culture.

The mission is to share knowledge, improve social skills, build lasting relationships and friendships, and give each other a real sense of belonging.


To participate in Epic6 Social Networking events you must be a registered member and have agreed to our terms & conditions. Membership is free and it only takes a minute to register online.

Jun 21
Play JINGO “It Rocks!”
Sugarhorse Bar & Eatery - Unit 3, 100 Moorhouse Ave
Jun 24
Lyttelton Crater Walk
Lyttelton Coffee Company - 29 London Street, Lyttelton
Jun 26
Quiz Night @ The Brickworks
The Brickworks, Cashmere - 69 Centaurus Road
Jun 28
Play JINGO “It Rocks!”
Sugarhorse Bar & Eatery - Unit 3, 100 Moorhouse Ave
Jun 28
Love Your Style
Acadamy Gold Cinema - The Colombo - 363 Colombo Street

Tips on Battling Loneliness

Have you ever felt that if you were not on the earth that no one would miss you? Have you ever lost your ambitions, your drive, your sense of belonging? Had no real direction in life or more importantly no purpose?

Become a Toyboy and help Older Ladies

I should have been working, however I decided to go for walk through Northlands Shopping Centre. I saw this beautiful, stylish elderly lady standing in the middle of the arcade with a walking stick. I didn't ask, but I think she would have been in her mid 80’s.

Beating Male Depression

Despite what you may have heard, depression affects men as profoundly as it does women. Yes, we've all heard the jokes about the male mid-life crisis and the questions of self-identity that go with it.

The Real Secret to Dating Confidence

There are a lot of different materials out there that claim they are going to help men have better luck dating. There are books, videos and programs galore - each of them promising they can make a stud out of any guy willing to follow the techniques they offer.

What “Mask” do you wear?

Nearly all of us wear masks. The mask differs depending on who we are with because of what we perceive they want to see.

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I'm sure that you heard that all the time when you was a kid. But, it is true. Breakfast is one of those meals that people today tend to skip. I really don't understand this.

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